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A Competent Woman's Treasure Hunt to Create Herself

You got dreams? Working too hard holding it all together to enjoy your life? Together we'll explore your unprogrammable problem, the one Herbert Benson, former Harvard professor, identified as 'high risk,' with potentially high reward, but that has no standard policies or procedures to resolve.

What you'll get:

  • Breaking Free may mean "you’ve  got to cry a little, laugh a little, let your poor heart break a little." But when we're done, you'll hopefully see things differently and these new perspectives may  free you to imagine possibilities...

  • Your personalized Treasure Hunt that will assist you in successfully defining your own unique value proposition, your ESSENTIAL BIOGRAPHY.


  • Two FREE Discovery Calls with Executive Coach, Marsha Jane Orr, to share your essential view, your own unique value proposition.  Go now and BOOK your Call!


Thirty Day Guarantee, following registration, full $250 refunded, upon written request:

[email protected]

Disclaimer: No false promises intended nor implied, no responsibility for outcomes, just an understanding that your participation here is a choice you are free to make, or not....this is what it looks like to accept 100% responsibility for all you "allow, generate, attract or create," your own unique way of love.  Please see full Terms of Service & Use and our Privacy Policy for full disclosure.